Gartner, Forrester, HfS & DCG lead American analyst industry

Hundreds of professionals across the Americas have voted Gartner, Forrester Research, HfS Research and Digital Capital Group into the top slots in Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm Awards for 2014. Ten firms have won our Americas AFOTY14 award.

  1. Gartner was the obvious number one on every criterion used for the survey.
  2. Forrester Research was second in most criteria, with an especially strong position in terms to perceived media influence.
  3. HfS Research came out very strongly in the Americas, where it was one of the four firms participants said that clients and prospects mentioned the most.
  4. Digital Clarity Group stood out as a firm whose users gave it immensely strong feedback, especially on the demand-side and in the investment community. That propelled it over the heads of firms with more users.
  5. IDC performed well in most criteria, and could have been higher if the IDC Insights businesses has not been counted separately.
  6. Everest Group was one of best-performing firms in terms of winning paying clients.
  7. NelsonHall also did well in terms of paying customers, but seems to have slipped somewhat in terms of demand-side influence.
  8. ISG also performs strongly in the Americas, with influence on buyers similar to that of DCG and Nelson Hall.
  9. 451 Group was one of the top four firms influencing investors, reflecting its strong links to the VC community.
  10. CEB/TowerGroup got in the top ten by a whisker, pushed up by independence, its influence on journalists and investors, and by being mentioned to participants by prospects and clients.

Ovum, Aberdeen Group and Frost & Sullivan are also worth mentioning as firms with notable numbers of users across the Americas but whose users did not give them the same positive feedback as the top ten firms above. IDC Financial Insights also stood out in South and Central America.  Next year we also expect to see KPMG, Deloitte, Alsbridge and Novarica in more competitive positions.

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