Analyst Firm Awards 2017

Date: February 23, 2016 Category:

Each year Influencer Relations’ Analyst Firm Awards (AFA) aims to recognise the most valuable analyst companies and to identify businesses that have won a leading role in particular market segments. 60 companies were shortlisted for the 2017 awards, and each year’s results gain up to 340,000 Twitter impressions.

The Analyst Value Survey, which we have run each year since 2002, is the sustainable vehicle for the award. It reaches out beyond selected members of the analyst relations community (the focus of the IIAR’s irregular Analyst Firm of the Year Awards) and allows us to rank analyst firms according to the value they deliver to the users of analyst firm services. The awards recognise the leading analyst firms, chosen by the value provided to users, in the major segments. In the 2017 awards, the categories are:

  • January – Global
  • January – Outstanding reports
  • February – Strategy
  • March – Internet of Things
  • April – Cloud
  • May – Analytics & Big Data
  • June – IT Services
  • July – Outsourcing & Automation
  • August – Security & Risk
  • September – Marketing
  • October – Enterprise Applications
  • November – Telecoms & Networks

At the core of the AVS methodology is asking participants what analyst capabilities they value, to see how high a value they put on that capacity and then to see how well each of the analyst firms delivers each of those capabilities. Our awards leverage that unequally-strong data.

Each analyst firm’s impact varies considerably from segment to segment. Vendors need a different portfolio of analyst services than end-users, and end-users in one market value those services differently from their colleagues in another. That allows us to look at particular analyst services, and we’ve discovered exactly how the value of those services differs from segment to segment. To deliver more value, firms need to reach more people or provide more, and better, services across the full range of services. It’s unsurprising, of course, that Gartner leads comprehensively in most segments.

Free graphics for use by approved AFA winners are available on request. Custom graphics can be produced by our designer (the modest fee goes to the artist, not to us).