“I will do it myself.” – Why ‘Trial and Error’ is a Bad Idea in Analyst Relations.

If you think back on the many occasions when you’ve heard this phrase, or for that matter used it yourself – how many times has it been a good idea to give it a try yourself first? Trying something implies that there is the potential to try again if the first attempt fails, or where it is possible to get professional help to get something done after trying once it becomes clear that it isn’t something that can be done “on your own”. […]

Analyst Relations – Nothing Start-ups Should Worry About. Or Should They?

It is a common belief that the playing field of analyst relations is reserved for the ‘big guys’ who are spending lots of money on their relationship with the analyst companies. And for the most part it is true that it is mostly established companies that have implemented structured analyst relations programs. For this reason it obviously is a waste of time and resources for any emerging vendor to engage in this discipline – for how should he ever be able to compete with the established companies, right? […]

A wake-up call for technology vendors: Don’t wait for the aliens to land!

When asked about analysts and analyst relations the reaction of technology vendors seems to be divided into two main groups. Those that believe that analyst relations is something a vendor is supposed to work on and those that believe that analysts are an external force – some kind of godlike alien species – that works in a complete vacuum and that will sometime in the future knock on their door to take them to a better planet (or alternatively blast them to hell by putting them in the bottom left corner of a market study). […]

Key benefits of influencer marketing – it’s not (only) about numbers

What is differentiating influencer marketing from the more conventional forms of marketing? Of course there are some things that influencer marketing has in common with traditional push marketing: It will help your company establish brand awareness and drive sales by generating contact points for your brand name and your products with the target audience.  […]