James Stanton accepts 451 Research's Analyst Firm Award from Duncan Chapple

Ovum & 451 advance in Marketing Analyst Firm Awards 2017

Marketing is one of the most important areas of expertise where analysts are creating value for their users. According to the participants in the Analyst Value Survey, the ten firms creating the most value through insight into marketing are the ones listed below. Gartner is the most valuable provider of analyst insight into marketing. Todd Read more about Ovum & 451 advance in Marketing Analyst Firm Awards 2017[…]

HfS Research overtakes Forrester in 2017 Outsourcing & Automation Analyst Firm Awards

The 2017 Outsourcing & Automation Analyst Firm Awards contain quite a surprise. According to the responses from automation and outsourcing professionals who responded to the 2017 Analyst Value Survey, HfS Research has overtaken Forrester as the second most valuable analyst firm they use. Gartner, of course, is in first place. Reflecting the fast pace of the market, Read more about HfS Research overtakes Forrester in 2017 Outsourcing & Automation Analyst Firm Awards[…]

CXP & HfS overtake ISG in 2017 IT Services Analyst Firm Awards

IT services is one of the highest value segments covered by the Analyst Value Survey. Participants in the 2016/17 survey told us that just five firms produce most of the value coming from the dozens of analyst and advisory organizations in that market. below are the ten winners of our 2017 IT Services Analyst Firm Read more about CXP & HfS overtake ISG in 2017 IT Services Analyst Firm Awards[…]

TechMarketView, Ovum & Kable in top 10 supply-side Analyst Firm Awards

Alongside the traditional top five firms, TechMarketView, Ovum and Kable are notable new entrants in the Supply-Side Analyst Firm Awards for 2016. As last year, the five firms delivering the most value are Gartner, Forrester, HfS Research, IDC and NelsonHall.


Gartner, HfS & Forrester again top demand-side Analyst Firm Awards

Users of analyst research in hundreds of demand-side organisations (those which buy ICT solutions, rather than those which supply them) have given their opinions to the Analyst Value Survey and, as a result, we’re able to announce the ten firms that are delivering the most value to them. […]

The Top Ten Analyst Firms For Business Growth

One of the most interesting discoveries of the Analyst Value Survey was that some demand-side firms have a very different idea from supply-side firms about which analyst firms are driving business growth. We asked users of analyst services to name the five firms that most drove business growth, Generally there was agreement about the top ten. […]

Announcing The Ten Top Telecoms Analyst Firms

Over 200 telecoms and networking professionals told the Analyst Value Survey that Gartner, IDC and Forrester were the three most valuable analyst firms. That’s a great result for IDC, but the real surprise is the strong performance of services firms in the telecoms top ten of our analyst firm awards, and the fall of telecoms specialists like Ovum and the 451 team that was previously Yankee Group. […]