Gartner, HfS & Forrester again top demand-side Analyst Firm Awards

Users of analyst research in hundreds of demand-side organisations (those which buy ICT solutions, rather than those which supply them) have given their opinions to the Analyst Value Survey and, as a result, we’re able to announce the ten firms that are delivering the most value to them. […]

French Caldwell, Chief Evangelist, MetricStream (PRNewsFoto/MetricStream)

French Caldwell on when analysts join vendors’ staff

Many thanks to former Gartner analyst French Caldwell (iTGuru) for this guest post, drawing on his experience crossing over to the vendor side. I’ve written about this here, and French replied to my view: I think a lot of analysts get a rude awakening, and often a great shock, when they go to the vendor side. Read more about French Caldwell on when analysts join vendors’ staff[…]

451 alum Hecht: analyst is tech evangelist not vendor advocate

Lawrence Hecht, formerly an analyst at 451 Research/TheInfoPro, offers this response to Phil Fersht’s recent contribution to our post opposing Federal regulation of analysts. Why would anyone want to be called a vendor advocate? How about technology evangelist? That connotes a point-of-view without saying that the advocate is beholden to the vendor’s interest. I actually Read more about 451 alum Hecht: analyst is tech evangelist not vendor advocate[…]

The Top Ten Analyst Firms For Business Growth

One of the most interesting discoveries of the Analyst Value Survey was that some demand-side firms have a very different idea from supply-side firms about which analyst firms are driving business growth. We asked users of analyst services to name the five firms that most drove business growth, Generally there was agreement about the top ten. […]

Announcing The Ten Top Telecoms Analyst Firms

Over 200 telecoms and networking professionals told the Analyst Value Survey that Gartner, IDC and Forrester were the three most valuable analyst firms. That’s a great result for IDC, but the real surprise is the strong performance of services firms in the telecoms top ten of our analyst firm awards, and the fall of telecoms specialists like Ovum and the 451 team that was previously Yankee Group. […]

How can analysts and research directors work well together?

Yesterday Professor Susan E. Murphy, an internationally-respected leadership expert at Edinburgh University, gave a talk about how researchers are grown. The balance between finding mentors and working with supervisors is a key challenge for researchers of all fields, from industry specialists like analysts, through think tank members and on to hard-core academics. Few analysts have the time to Read more about How can analysts and research directors work well together?[…]

AR Classics: How analysts influence the Buyer Decision Process

Symantec’s EMEA comms leader Caroline Dennington and recent Gartner alum Samyr Jriri gave an impressive presentation today about analysts’ impact on sales. Context is key: analysts are increasingly stretched, something reflected by the increasing frequency with which some firms are taking complaints to Gartner’s Ombudsman, and making similar appeals at other firms. Dennington, who previously Read more about AR Classics: How analysts influence the Buyer Decision Process[…]

27 things no-one tells new researchers

What are some of the things that the best researchers learn, yet some professionals never find out? What do new business researchers need to know about doing an analysis? There’s more guidance on ethical questions and commercial relationships at some research firms than on doing the research itself. Here are 20 of suggestions, which I noted down Read more about 27 things no-one tells new researchers[…]