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AVS shows Gartner fumbles new coverage areas

Phew! We’re just concluding all the first round of strategy workshops where clients are using the Analyst Value Survey to refocus their analyst relations efforts for 2016. There are some important implications, and especially for companies working in emerging coverage areas where Gartner’s hold seems to be less strong. If you are not familiar with Read more about AVS shows Gartner fumbles new coverage areas[…]
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AR Classics: Gartner and Forrester are not, repeat not, Tier 1

You read the headline correctly; Forrester and Gartner should never be considered Tier 1. Yes, yes, Gartner is the industry behemoth, and Forrester is likely the number two firm for enterprise end users, but that does not make them automatically Tier 1 for the purpose of creating a ranked and tiered analyst list. In the Read more about AR Classics: Gartner and Forrester are not, repeat not, Tier 1[…]

Mentoring analysts without their permission?

Mentoring has many aspects: skill development, personal growth and career advancement are all addresses. Some senior industry analysts have coaches, most often paid professionals who help them to work through specific questions identified by the coached. Often tools and formal processes are used. But there’s scope for non-paid, voluntary, relationships that allow them to share Read more about Mentoring analysts without their permission?[…]

Kea Company doubles European team

KKeaTeamea Company, the global influencer relations consultancy, has announced new team members in Europe including advisory partner Annelieke Nagel, a Gartner and IDC alumnus with 30 years’ experience in the analyst industry and in analyst relations, and Viktoria Reis and Oscar Uvalle who have joined the Kea research team to support the Analyst Attitude Survey and Analyst Value Survey. […]

12 analyst firms with the biggest change in media profile

Two million data-points later, and the Kea Company research team has completed our analysis of how the profile of the 50 leading analysts firms’ mentions in the media changed in 2015. We were amazed by the global reach of analyst firms in the press worldwide. Out of every ten mentions of analyst firms in the Read more about 12 analyst firms with the biggest change in media profile[…]

AR in France has five differences

Julie Desbenoit and I have identified five key differences about analyst relations in France. Julie’s been helping my colleagues Oscar, Emma and Elisa, who are working on a new Kea Company service to help analyst relations managers. Julie and I have been speaking with AR professionals in France and these are the findings we both Read more about AR in France has five differences[…]