Candid AR would aid Oracle’s sales

For each 1 percent more candid firms are with industry analysts, those analysts become 0.93% more likely to recommend them: almost a one-to-one ratio. That is the most striking finding in Kea Company’s Analyst Attitude Survey, which 150 analysts responded to in December 2015 and January 2016. However, the survey also shows that even firms Read more about Candid AR would aid Oracle’s sales[…]

IDC merger to follow Experton, Saugatuck & CXP?

Experton’s purchase by ISG, which also acquired Saugatuck, Compass and TPI, is just one more example of the ongoing analyst cycle. While mergers and acquisitions are ongoing so is the formation of new firms. The advantages of mergers are clear. CXP Group is a good example. By combining PAC, BARC and Le CXP, the group Read more about IDC merger to follow Experton, Saugatuck & CXP?[…]

Buying Experton brings ISG to EMEA supply side

Experton’s purchase by ISG is an excellent move, if it can hold on to the Experton team. The Analyst Value Survey shows that it fills a substantial gap in ISG’s services, giving it a major advisor to ICT suppliers in EMEA. Experton also has strong relationships with some major European enterprises (especially in Germany). Other analyst firms Read more about Buying Experton brings ISG to EMEA supply side[…]

AVS shows Gartner fumbles new coverage areas

We’re just concluding all the first round of strategy workshops where clients are using the Analyst Value Survey to refocus their analyst relations efforts for 2016, writes Duncan Chapple. There are some important implications, and especially for companies working in emerging coverage areas where Gartner’s hold seems to be less strong. If you are not familiar with the AVS, check out my short video or for a longer drill-down our recorded webinar.