Influencer Insights podcast: IDC’s chief analyst on digital transformation

Philip Carter, chief analyst at IDC Europe, and I have recorded a new podcast to discuss digital transformation. I asked him about IDC’s Third Platform idea, and how his specifically European role reflects the differ challenges and tempo of organisations in Europe. The Munich-based research leader spoke about the friction points created as the gap opens Read more about Influencer Insights podcast: IDC’s chief analyst on digital transformation[…]

A podcast with Philip Carter from IDC (part one)

Welcome to our new podcast series with Duncan Chapple (Managing Partner, Kea Company) and Philip Carter (Chief Analyst, IDC).

One of the main topics discussed on the podcast will be digital transformation and what role analyst firms need to play in helping organizations to develop a different sort of user of the sorts of services, the valuable insight that analysts firms are producing. […]

PAC shows how solutions and IP accelerate transformation

The PAC Horizons event (see here) discussed the way that many organisations that have not been innovative in the past are suddenly accelerating. The Kea people there (myself, Viktoria and Sven) enjoyed it, and not the least because our Analyst Value Survey was mentioned in the opening session. The connected car, for example, not only changes Read more about PAC shows how solutions and IP accelerate transformation[…]

PAC Horizons challenges IT ecosystem to get more digital

A powerful group of around 50 professionals packed into the swish City headquarters of UKtech, the industry association, to discuss the current situation and prospects for technology. Following several very good years, explained Christoph Châlons, UK growth has significantly slowed in sync with the GDP growth rate. The UK remains by far the biggest markets: Read more about PAC Horizons challenges IT ecosystem to get more digital[…]

Understanding how analysts’ categories shift

The recent storm after Oracle and other vendors were dropped from a Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) is one example of the pressures on the market created by market categories. It’s certainly not an easy conversation when major vendors get dropped from categories. The process is political, both inside the analyst firms and externally when vendors Read more about Understanding how analysts’ categories shift[…]

Ovum subbrands as TMT Intelligence

The ongoing roll-up of Ovum into Informa has reached its next stage: Ovum Limited has been dissolved, and the Ovum logo has been dropped. Following the House of Brands strategy of Informa, Ovum has been rebranded as a product of Informa TMT Intelligence. TMT Intelligence is, regarding offer and staffing, identical with Ovum. It seems Read more about Ovum subbrands as TMT Intelligence[…]

Vendors drive IDC’s sale to Sondergaard & Lafond

[IDC have asked me to point out that this piece was written as an April Fool’s joke, as is the linked April Fool’s post on the IIAR site: the events described have not actually happened, and the link at the end of the article is also a clue.] This morning the IIAR reported that IBM, Oracle and Read more about Vendors drive IDC’s sale to Sondergaard & Lafond[…]