Is this how the Quadrant lost its Magic?

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is the most influential non-financial business research document. In the late 1980s, it was a quick and dirty stalking horse to provoke discussions. Today it is an extensive and yet highly limited process, based on the quantification of opinions which are highly qualitative. The early evolution of the MQ tells us a lot Read more about Is this how the Quadrant lost its Magic?[…]

Saying farewell to David Bradshaw

A funeral and celebration for David Bradshaw (shown left) is to take place at West Norwood Crematorium, London SE27 at 2.45pm on Tuesday 23rd August and after at the Amba Hotel above London’s Charing Cross Station, on the Strand. David considered that that Ovum in that incarnation was a great and special place to work. He Read more about Saying farewell to David Bradshaw[…]

AR managers are failing with consulting firms

Reflecting the paradoxical position of many clients, Kea’s Analyst Attitude Survey also goes to a wide range of consultants who play similar roles to analysts and are often employed by analyst firms. The responses to the current survey show that consultants are generally much less happy with their relationships with AR teams than analysts are. Read more about AR managers are failing with consulting firms[…]