Why KCG’s analyst relations awards beat the IIAR’s

We used 18,777 data points from the Analyst Attitude Survey to compare the two leading awards for analyst relations teams. Although we found that KCG‘s awards are more useful than the IIAR‘s, both primarily reflect corporate performance rather than that of the AR teams. As a result, there’s very little that AR teams can do Read more about Why KCG’s analyst relations awards beat the IIAR’s[…]

Do You Know Who That Is?

We get the feeling that sales enablement is something that popped up recently in the office of many AR professionals. How is that possible, you might ask yourself. Well, the people that pay your salary are just being informed about what AR does and how it can contribute even more to the company. […]

Netscout continues unwise Gartner suit

Netscout and Gartner have scheduled their trial for next July. The case stands little chance of improving Netscout’s value. It does, however, risk harming the reputation of both analyst firms and analyst relations professionals. Over the last weeks, pressure has mounted on Netscout’s lawyers. Netscout claims Gartner’s Magic Quadrant harmed its enterprise sales and that Read more about Netscout continues unwise Gartner suit[…]