TechMarketView, Ovum & Kable in top 10 supply-side Analyst Firm Awards

Alongside the traditional top five firms, TechMarketView, Ovum and Kable are notable new entrants in the Supply-Side Analyst Firm Awards for 2016. As last year, the five firms delivering the most value are Gartner, Forrester, HfS Research, IDC and NelsonHall.


Gartner, HfS & Forrester again top demand-side Analyst Firm Awards

Users of analyst research in hundreds of demand-side organisations (those which buy ICT solutions, rather than those which supply them) have given their opinions to the Analyst Value Survey and, as a result, we’re able to announce the ten firms that are delivering the most value to them. […]

IIAR’s Tragic Quadrant Spotlights Overrated Analysts

Analyst firms should pay serious attention to the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations‘ (IIAR) new Tragic Quadrant. The TQ spotlights some upstart firms that have successfully won much greater mindshare with many AR managers than their firms have in the market. Analyst firms can boost their position in future editions of the TQ through being easier to work with, through increasing their profile on social media, and by appearing more open to discussing with and learning from vendors. […]

Efrem Mallach on 40 years in and around the analyst industry

In a discussion at the Informatics Forum at the University of Edinburgh on September 19, Efrem Mallach outlined his 40 years in the industry to a seminar room crowded with technology researchers. The university is Europe’s largest centre for IT research. Efrem’s second job was in Honeywell; he ended up as a manager of competitive analysis. In Read more about Efrem Mallach on 40 years in and around the analyst industry[…]