IBM and HP lead new Lighthouse System Integration and Consulting Index

This week we are launching the latest addition to the Lighthouse Index family – The Lighthouse Systems Integration and Consulting Index. The topic was discussed briefly last month when we announced our plans to launch new indexes.

System Integration and Consulting - August 2008The graphic to the right provides a list of the firms that are monitored in this particular index and their ranking in this first Index. As in with the Outsourcing Index the top 3 positions are occupied by IBM, HP and Accenture. Fujitsu is ranked 4th while the French headquartered consulting giant Capgemini is at the 5th spot. The index, much like the Outsourcing index published last month, has the major Indian firms tailing the major global players with Infosys ranked the highest at 8th spot.

Included for the first time in Lighthouse Indexes are the “pure play” strategy consulting houses McKinsey, Bain, Booz & Company and Booz Allen Hamilton and the major other “Big Four” accounting and auditing firms PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young and KPMG who have to differing degrees re-entered the business and technology consulting markets. The fourth “Big Four” firm, Deloitte, never separated its consulting arm and so has been included in the Lighthouse Services Index from the beginning. It is interesting to note that in analyst terms Booz Allen Hamilton which focuses on US government consulting work, has received slightly higher analyst coverage than its former partner Booz & Company which retains a global cross-industry consulting organisation excluding US government work of course.  As this is the first of a new Index there is no graphic this month, September will see the first Consulting and Systems Integration Index graphic. Feel free to contact us if you feel we have missed out any important firm and provide feedback on how we could improve on our set of indexes.

Martin Tilling