Monday 13th webinar: Changing demand for research and analysis

Lighthouse Analyst Relations is re-running our last webinar on Monday 13 October to discuss changes in demand for research and analysis services. We’ll be sharing the findings of research we conducted on how demand and pricing for analysts’ research services seems to be changing across various market sectors. To book your seat, visit e-tickets.

To get a more granular view of trends, we’ve supplemented our ongoing research into CIOs opinions with the opinions of 55 selected industry analyst firms. We’re especially interested to get the analysts’ perspective on how the competition is shaping up. The feedback is amazing, and also highly nuanced.

  • Analysts typically say the stiffest competition is: Gartner, IDC or ‘there is none’
  • Only 31% think the demand for analyst services is stable
  • Almost a quarter find that pricing for analysts services is increasing
  • Three times as many analysts see tech vendors’ demand increasing as see their demand falling
  • There is massive change in demand across certain analyst services

The webinar will give AR professionals excellent insight into vast changes in the ways that analysts are being used by their clients. Analyst firms, their investors and their competitors will also gain a lot from this webinar.

Analysts who become participants in the survey get free entry to the webinar; the normal price is $200. Whether or not they attend the webinar, we’ll also email survey participants the slides. Of course the results from the survey will be anonymised, and even the person doing the data analysis won’t see identifiable data. If you have any questions about the survey, or if you’re an analyst and you’d like to take part, then please contact Duncan Chapple at duncanchapple at lighthousear dot com or call us on +44 20 7993 8655.

Duncan Chapple