Ericsson moves into the top 5 this month in the Lighthouse Telecoms Index

Lighthouse Telecoms Index - November 2008Ericsson sees the highest profile jump this month as it moves up 2 places to the 4th spot. Ericsson just received the TelcoTV Vision Award. It’s improvement in ranking is also due to coverage of its subsidiary Redback Networks. O2 which has claimed to enhance the mobile internet experience of its users has also gained 4 spots this month and is the only firm to enter the top 25 this month.

Level 3 Communications has recently expanded its Content Delivery Network (CDN) capacity in Asia. It has moved up 12 positions this month. The firm along with Telia are the biggest gainers this month.

ZTE is the only firm to have dropped out of the top 25 this month. ZTE has received recognition as the firm with the fastest optical networking annual sales growth in Asia Pacific region. However, this news has not helped it maintain its score in this month’s Telecoms Index. Foundry Networks has shown the largest decline this month. The firm was not mentioned at Gartner and IDC last month and its ranking has plummeted 11 positions to the 47th spot this month.

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Duncan Chapple