Unlocking the growth: Exploring Hurdles for Analyst Relations Professionals

The Association for Analyst Relations Partnership is delighted to co-sponsor this webinar with Prachi Satija, a graduate student at SDA Bocconi, which discusses the challenges faced by analyst relations professionals and their possible solutions.

Her study uses a primary research methodology to understand the obstacles faced by AR professionals, interviewing 24 professionals, including leaders in tier 1 companies and independent AR professionals. The study also highlights the growing importance of AI in analyst relations and the need for businesses to invest in AI-driven solutions to overcome these challenges. The report concludes by emphasizing the importance of AI in addressing the challenges faced by AR professionals and offering solutions to help businesses overcome these obstacles.

In the webinar, Chris Germann and I will discuss with Prachi how AR professionals face numerous challenges, including measuring AR performance, identifying the right audience, maintaining relationships, reporting issues, budget constraints, and planning and scheduling. Some of the key points are:

  • – High-tech companies often prioritize revenue over building customer relationships, making it difficult to demonstrate the value and impact of their work.
  • – Quantitative metrics, such as mentions and competitive position, are often favored, while qualitative measures like impact assessment and relationship-building efforts are overlooked.
  • – Identifying the right audience is crucial for success, as it requires understanding the market and pinpointing the best opportunities.
  • – Customer engagement and feedback are also challenging, as they require knowing the market well and pinpointing the best opportunities.
  • – Reporting issues can be challenging, as AR professionals need help providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of their activities.
  • – Dual reporting can lead to conflicting interests and duties, and budget constraints can make it difficult to effectively communicate and align goals and objectives.

Register at: https://lnkd.in/gKZuq-uM

Duncan Chapple