Ovum & 451 advanced in 2017 Marketing Analyst Firm Awards

James Stanton accepts 451 Research's Analyst Firm Award from Duncan Chapple

These awards have been superseded by the 2018 Marketing and Policy Analyst Firm Awards.


Marketing is one of the most important areas of expertise where analysts are creating value for their users. According to the participants in the 2016-17 Analyst Value Survey, the ten firms creating the most value through insight into marketing were the ones listed below.

  1. Gartner was the most valuable provider of analyst insight into marketing in 2017. Todd Berkowitz and Ewan McIntyre have been key catalysts for that, and this podcast exemplifies their managerial perspective.
  2. Forrester Research has a profound insight into marketing, and much of their most valued insight spotlighted technology trends like chatbots and the convergence between marketing and advertising.
  3. IDC’s MarketScapes were highly valued in the marketing area, but IDC also provided strong managerial guidance too.
  4. HfS Research’s focus on digital operations gaves it a distinct slant on marketing. Its research did not reflect a comprehensive research plan for marketing, but its readership made up for it.
  5. Marketing professionals valued CXP Group‘s insight deeply. A big part of that was its emphasis on getting the customer experience right.
  6. Ovum punched above its weight, and developed strong insight on vendors like Bridg.
  7. Everest Group was widely cited by users, but its public research remained sparse.
  8. James Stanton accepts 451 Research's Analyst Firm Award from Duncan Chapple
    James Stanton accepts 451 Research’s Analyst Firm Award from Duncan Chapple

    451 Research did excellently, partly because of a focus on Account-Based Management. Its eighth-place ranking was the company’s highest point in the four Analyst Firm Awards categories it has succeded in.

  9. Frost & Sullivan also scored well, party through offering valuable events in North America.
  10. ISG, still reaping the benefits of acquiring Alsbridge, rounded out the top ten.

For more context, see the Analyst Value Survey‘s website.

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