Forrester & IDC equal Gartner: 2017 Enterprise Applications Analyst Firm Awards

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Frank Gens (IDC) and JP Carter (Forrester) collect Analyst Firm Awards from Duncan Chapple
Frank Gens (IDC) and JP Carter (Forrester) collect 2017 Analyst Firm Awards from Duncan Chapple

Enterprise Applications are among the technologies where analysts are under the most pressure to provide joined-up thinking. According to the 2017 Analyst Value Survey, it was one of just three coverage areas where Forrester and IDC together produced more analyst value than Gartner in 2016 (the others are Marketing and Outsourcing & Automation).

In total, those three firms produced 44% of the analyst value produced for people in the enterprise market.

Frank Gens, IDC’s chief analyst, and Forrester’s JP Carter picked up their 2017 Analyst Firm Awards at the ARInsights forum in Boston. Their firms’ successes reflect the immense change in the enterprise applications field.  Their challenge is not to integrate core business applications but to leverage technologies that have rapidly ascended to the heart of business thinking: artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and blockchain.

The 2017 Enterprise AFA winners

  1. Gartner remains the most influential analyst firm, in particular because of its work on Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service.
  2. Forrester Research got some notable praise of its work on the mobile enterprise, for example, on Mobile Enterprise Application Services Providers.
  3. IDC is well known for its global insight into cloud ERP, but it also shows great insight into the journey to the cloud.
  4. Increasingly, HfS Research is able to use client data to give insight into cloud trends and Industry 4.0.
  5. CXP Group’s excellent research into topics like AI, and its deep knowledge of SAP’s business applications, is amplified by its valuable inquiry calls and capacity for business leads.
  6. KPMG’s impact comes from the top-level viewpoint that flows from its CEO research and focus on enterprise change.
  7. ISG shares HfS’s deep interest in how enterprises can engage in application development, and was especially noted for its work on enterprise agility and testing.
  8. Everest Group was particular praise for its warning against voice-enabled enterprise apps.
  9. Ovum has a long track record on enterprise applications (I was a business applications analyst there during the boom) and they continue to sparkle with research like Tim Jennings’ note on SME cloud applications.
  10. 451 Research, which also picked up its Analyst Firm Award in Boston this month, has a strongly managerial view of business applications, as evidenced by its 2017 trend report.

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