IDC rises in 2018 Enterprise Analyst Firm Awards

IDC COO Robert White collects the firm's 2018 Analyst Firm Award
IDC’s Robert White collects 2018 AFA

IDC has won a notable success in the 2018 Enterprise Analyst Firm Awards, overtaking Forrester into second place. Last year’s awards noted strong performance by both those firms which, added together, created more value than Gartner for the participants in the Analyst Value Survey.

IDC’s clearly benefitting from its growing freemium audience and its unrivalled global reach. Despite the change in order, the top five firms in the Enterprise Analyst Firm Awards are the same as in 2017.

Ten winners of 2018 Enterprise Analyst Firm Awards

        1. Gartner continues to play an unparalleled role in guiding enterprise CIOs through the challenges of digital business.
        2. IDC continues to supplement its granular coverage of enterprise categories with research supporting managers through business transformation. It is developing its audience in the Asia Pacific.
        3. Forrester Research has been valued for research focussed on data science and AI as the enterprise moves into the cloud.
        4. HfS Research won kudos for its enterprise blockchain research and the enterprise AI blueprint written by now-departed managing partner Tom Reuner.
        5. CXP Group businesses, most notably PAC, impressed readers with coverage on Europe’s GDPR regulations and detailed coverage of enterprise technology providers.
        6. 451 Research leads the second half of the top ten, but that group of firms is tightly packed. 451 comes out ahead partly because of its Voice of the Enterprise programme, which vendors value, and a notable improvement in the research of the firm’s content marketing.
        7. Ovum is particularly valued by firms supplying technology to enterprises, and its analysis of business ICT spending was especially notable.
        8. PwC, as a full-service business advisory firm, has a keen eye for research that gets widely used in the enterprise, such as its cybersecurity and privacy studies.
        9. Enterprise Management Associates won appreciation for its enterprise decision guides (especially on container management) and the impact AI and other challenges on enterprise IT.
        10. Everest Group rounded out the top ten.

  1. Firms to watch

    Vice President Anurag Srivastava collects Everest Group's 2018 Analyst Firm Award
    Anurag Srivastava collects Everest’s AFA

Everest Group’s success in holding onto its place in the top ten is especially notable since the firm’s origins are in consultancy rather than research. While Everest was not an obvious entrant into the research game, it is impressing readers with its nuanced vendor coverage and understanding of enterprise objectives.

This year ISG dipped out of the top ten while KPMG falling more substantially. One firm to watch for next year will be Info-Tech Research Group: its users are most concentrated in Canada, but it came close to world-class performance in the Analyst Value Survey.


This is the first of a series of posts about the six 2018 Analyst Firm Award categories. Each post will note the ten firms that came highest in that category, out of the top 60 firms on which the Analyst Value Survey surveys users. Each post will also include slightly extended comments on two of the firms: one at the start, noting a strong performer in the top group, and one at the end of the post to note a firm that did better than its average in that category. In total the series will contain extended comments on all 12 of the firms which attended the Analyst Firm Awards.

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