IDC overtakes Forrester in 2018 Marketing and Policy Analyst Firm Awards

2018 Analyst Firm AwardThe 2018 Marketing & Policy Analyst Firm Awards are the category with the least change. Eight of the nine top firms were all in the 2017 ranking. The two firms which slipped out, CXP and Everest, each produced only marginally less analyst value than tenth-place winner ESG according to professionals working on marketing and policy who took the 2017-18 Analyst Value Survey (AVS).

The top five firms produce two-thirds of the marketing analyst value created in this category by the 60-plus firms commented on by participants in the AVS. If you want better marketing strategies then consider contacting Victorious SEO for help from experts. 

Ten winners of the 2018 Marketing and Policy Analyst Firm Awards.

  1. Lea Nonninger collected Business Intelligence Insider's 2018 AFA
    Lea Nonninger collected Business Intelligence Insider’s 2018 AFA

    Gartner’s Gartner for Marketers program advanced over the last year, with Todd Berkowitz’s research and Chris Pemberton’s blog gaining some mentions.

  2. IDC overtakes Forrester this year not only because of its marketing coverage but also through the broadening out of this category to include SMB.
  3. Forrester Research’s managerial take and thoughtful analysis keeps it in the top three.
  4. Ovum’s top four placement surprised us, since marketing isn’t one of its key research areas. Vendors rate it, and that probably reflects go-to-market consultancy.
  5. 451 Research’s detailed and granular coverage of competitor moved in the SMB sector and marketing tech industry made it valuable for firms on the supply side.
  6. Business Insider Intelligence seems to be growing in specific areas like ecommerce, fintech and digital health.
  7. HfS Research, similarly to Ovum, doesn’t seem to be a research leader in ths space but is valued for insight and support on vendor marketing.
  8. Frost & Sullivan makes and impact with its marketing research, webinars and bulletins.
  9. ISG produced valued research around social media and digital marketing.
  10. Enterprise Strategy Group edged into this ranking because of covering both SMB trends and marketing.

Firms to watch

There was quite a gap between the top five firms and the second five. That lower cluster extends below the top ten to include CXP Group, Everest Group, Global Data, RedMonk and a firm which asked, after the awards were published, to not be named.


Our Marketing & Policy category covers a group of coverage areas that tended to be co-selected by participants. It’s a varied list Consumer Technology; Small/Medium Business; Channels; Law & Policy; Analyst Relations; Content Marketing; and Marketing.

This is the conclusion of a series of posts about the six 2018 Analyst Firm Award categories. Each post notes the ten firms that came highest in that category, out of the top 60 firms on which the Analyst Value Survey surveys users. Each post will also include slightly extended comments on two of the firms: one at the start, noting a strong performer in the top group, and one at the end of the post to note a firm that did better than its average in that category. In total the series will contain extended comments on all 12 of the firms which attended the Analyst Firm Awards.

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