An analyst evaluates analyst relations tactics

Analyst-like data management guru John Toigo has an interesting post on his blog reviewing a number of AR tactics. The context is fascinating:

Someone just forwarded me an email with an extract from an article about what that category of analyst called “Deal Makers and Brokers” (DMBs) want from vendors/clients. She wanted to use it as a springboard for discussing services I might ply to her vendor client in 2008.

So this sounds like a PR has sent John a menu of what she thinks analysts want, so that he can select options. He has some interesting comments, and adds a few of his own….

A few missing things that, were I an analyst, I would have put on the list.

A. Tell me all of your product problems so I can share them with your competitors and appear smart and hire-worthy.

B. Offer me a job that will get me out of my pay-per-view job and give me a shot at some real money.

C. Give me a lot of money or stock so I can buy a new car/house/wife/girl on the side/etc. and show how much more important I am as an analyst than my competitors.

D. Start calling me a DMB and giving me big public awards and laud for my brilliance. That way, I can compensate my ego for all the stupid things I am otherwise saying for pay.

Let’s see how long it takes for consultants to start recommending these tactics to their clients…

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