Former Gartner, Inc. Vice Presidents Launch World-Class Analyst Network

It’s not often I get cited in an analyst firm’s press release, so it’s a delight to share this news.

19 experienced worldwide analysts announce The Analyst Syndicate

BOSTON, March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Former Gartner, Inc. analysts Jeffrey Vining and Steve Hawald are the latest recruits to The Analyst Syndicate, a network of independent industry analysts founded by managing partners Tom Austin, Toby Bell, and French Caldwell. All three partners are former vice presidents of Gartner, Inc.

The Analyst Syndicate’s collaborative online presence,, provides open access to thought leadership on technology trends, vendors and service providers. The Analyst Syndicate also enables a boutique advisory experience. Clients can engage directly with the individual analysts most relevant to their initiatives.

Tom Austin, CEO of the Syndicate, says “With advancements in artificial intelligence, robotics, drones and other emerging technologies, corporate and government executives now more than ever need to get their business-driven, technology investments right. Our unique model enables them to stay ahead of the curve through the insights of dozens of world-class analysts, all without a paywall. Within a year, we expect that over 100 independent analysts will join the Syndicate.”

The Syndicate is owned by its members. They contribute research through The Analyst Syndicate, and provide value-added services, including strategy consulting and detailed market analysis, through independent firms. Through sponsorships, technology vendors and service providers also participate in the Syndicate, and their executives and technology evangelists contribute insights through sponsored blogs.

Says Duncan Chapple, Head of Analyst Relations at CCgroup: “The Analyst Syndicate is intriguing in that it blends a crowd-sourced approach with boutique advisory services, as opposed to the traditional industry analyst model. Providing access to world-class thought leadership without a paywall is certainly unique for an industry analyst firm.” 

The Analyst Syndicate has already published several research insights which are available at, with additional value-added services for sponsors to be available in June 2019.

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