How can you stop an economic downturn reversing your services AR successes?

The reality of the credit crisis and the potential for an economic downturn is a hugely important dynamic in our market. Lighthouse is proposing holding a seminar in May to share and discuss various aspects of the situation and tactics that will help minimise the potential AR impact.

What should your new AR Modus Operandii be?

To enable success you should look to focus on better understanding precisely what are the key needs (business and personal) of your Tier 1 analysts and help them meet their needs. Balance this with a very clear understanding of your organisation’s imperatives in the downturn and match the analyst wins you deliver (and hence spend valuable resources on achieving) to those needs which ensure your leadership continues to value AR as absolutely critical to continued business success. In addition to the above, you should also work on:

  • Continuing to prove AR ROI, through better measurement, better data collection and better organisational buy-in
  • Understanding where the downturns’ impacts will be on your organisations business areas, geographies and industries. Use this knowledge to help determine your priorities
  • Understanding what are your organisation’s markets that are counter-cyclical to the downturn and focusing sufficient resources in these areas
  • Identifying what obstacles internally might be created by the anxiety generated by fears about the downturn

And finally, as Services AR teams are being “swamped” with services vendor “quadrant” ratings requiring huge efforts, you will need to carefully manage the demands these place on your resources against the new imperatives brought about by the potential downturn. Services AR life is certainly not dull !!

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Martin Tilling