Lighthouse hosts ‘Reputation & Green IT’ roundtable with Wally Katz

Lighthouse’s roundtable discussion is about how Green IT fits into the way that analysts (and other stakeholders) evaluate the brand positions and CSR strategies of top IT companies. Environmental sustainability is an increasingly important topic for IT buyers worldwide. To better understand the opportunities, Lighthouse is supporting a research project to look at how (and whether) IT brands are progressing towards sustainability, what are the measures that they currently, or in the future, use to show their corporate contribution to a more sustainable environment.

Analyst Equity readers interested in backing this research are invited to get in touch. Participants will get a summary of the final research, which is being authored by Manchester Business School researcher Rumana Bukht. She has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and was one of the participants in a meeting with the Reputation, Brand and Competitiveness Group we mentioned in April. Joining Rumana in the roundtable discussion is Wally Katz, VP and senior analyst at Ideas International.

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