Engaging in Analyst Relations is sending a message: Five common traits confident vendors are displaying

Success breeds success: When I talk to technology vendors about starting an analyst relations program I get all kinds of reactions. One way or another most vendors have had first or second hand experiences with analysts. Either they’ve seen competitors promoting the latest research publication which featured them in a favorable way or they have Read more about Engaging in Analyst Relations is sending a message: Five common traits confident vendors are displaying[…]

Adapt or Fail! – Analyst firm business models are changing – does this mean that analyst relations needs to change as well?

In recent years we have seen quite a few changes in the analyst landscape: We’ve seen new boutique analyst firms entering the market and focussing on sub-segments or geographies (HfS Research, Crisp Research, Greyhound Research etc). We’ve seen M&A activities indicating a trend towards bigger firms and more comprehensive research coverage (CXP/BARC/PAC, ISG/Alsbridge/Experton, Informa/Ovum). And Read more about Adapt or Fail! – Analyst firm business models are changing – does this mean that analyst relations needs to change as well?[…]

Kea Company acquires UK analyst relations consultancy Active Influence

Merger consolidates Kea Company’s position as world’s largest analyst relations consultancy

January 19, 2017. London — Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations consultancy, today completed its acquisition of Active Influence. Founded in 2010, Active Influence has helped many of the world’s largest technology companies to gain measurable business benefit from their relationships with analyst firms. Founder Richard East has become a partner in Kea Company, which obtained substantially all of Active Influence’s intellectual property and assets at the end of 2016.

Kea Company doubles European team

KKeaTeamea Company, the global influencer relations consultancy, has announced new team members in Europe including advisory partner Annelieke Nagel, a Gartner and IDC alumnus with 30 years’ experience in the analyst industry and in analyst relations, and Viktoria Reis and Oscar Uvalle who have joined the Kea research team to support the Analyst Attitude Survey and Analyst Value Survey. […]

How To Eat An Elephant – A Recipe For Proper Analyst Relations

When starting with analyst relations companies often realise that the task lying ahead of them is pretty daunting. There are several hundred analyst firms with thousands of analysts publishing research for every imaginable market niche. On the other side there are tens of thousands technology providers worldwide vying for the attention of these analysts. This means that simply having a great product will not be enough to get noticed.


Content is Key! – Leveraging Influencer Marketing To Gain Market Mindshare

In a world that is dominated by “push-advertising” and that includes an overwhelming choice of products and services that need to be evaluated by the buyer, it is increasingly hard to find ways to stand out from the crowd. According to many studies we are now facing a world that is so saturated with advertising that many companies are seeing diminishing returns on their traditional marketing efforts. […]

“Best Practice” Ingredients in Analyst Relations

In any business environment the phrase ‘best practice’ sooner or later comes up when people are talking about planning, execution and measurement of business activities. According to Wikipedia “a best practice is a method or technique that has consistently shown results superior to those achieved with other means, and that is used as a benchmark. In addition, a “best” practice can evolve to become better as improvements are discovered.” […]

Building Credibility to Boost Sales with IT Analyst Relations

When talking to IT vendors eager to grow their business I usually come across a number of common challenges they face. One of the biggest issues which lies outside the companies (as opposed to e. g. finance requirements to fund the growth or adding enough skilled people to their workforce) is that once they are moving out of their comfort zone they are facing prospects that are much more skeptical than those in their home markets. […]

“I will do it myself.” – Why ‘Trial and Error’ is a Bad Idea in Analyst Relations.

If you think back on the many occasions when you’ve heard this phrase, or for that matter used it yourself – how many times has it been a good idea to give it a try yourself first? Trying something implies that there is the potential to try again if the first attempt fails, or where it is possible to get professional help to get something done after trying once it becomes clear that it isn’t something that can be done “on your own”. […]