Four Quartiles

Four quartiles show enterprises’ growing use of freemium analysts

Managers in large enterprises, and especially those involved in evaluating and deciding about technology choices, use more analyst firms with each year. Our AVS has shown that the different layers of the analyst community, what we call the four quartiles, are used with different frequency by different users. The Analyst Value Survey asks them which Read more about Four quartiles show enterprises’ growing use of freemium analysts[…]

‘Influencer Quadrant’ to spotlight winners in 2018 analyst research

This summer Kea Company will publish three ‘Influencer Quadrant‘ reports to identify the firms with the most profile in industry research. Previously, only clients of Kea Company’s premium service had access to the data, which track the profile of over 400 brands in the research of around 400 research organisations. The Influencer Quadrant service was created Read more about ‘Influencer Quadrant’ to spotlight winners in 2018 analyst research[…]

Sarita Kinkaid (Huawei's AR director) and Kea Company's Duncan Chapple

How Huawei’s analyst relations overtook Cisco’s

Perhaps the biggest surprise of last week’s Analyst Relations Value Forum was Huawei winning one of the KeaCircle awards given to several leading-edge analyst relations teams. Recommendations from industry analyst firms like Gartner and Forrester have not only been a powerful driver of Cisco‘s success over the last 20 years, but it has been a Read more about How Huawei’s analyst relations overtook Cisco’s[…]

How AWS, HERE & Huawei overtook the megavendors

The KeaCircle and Analyst Firm Awards, which we’ll present at the Analyst Relations Value Forum on Thursday, will highlight the stunning dynamism of both analyst relations and of the analyst industry itself. Traditional megavendors are not longer at the leading edge for analysts relations, and clients of major analysts firms have more alternatives and are Read more about How AWS, HERE & Huawei overtook the megavendors[…]

Engaging in Analyst Relations is sending a message: Five common traits confident vendors are displaying

Success breeds success: When I talk to technology vendors about starting an analyst relations program I get all kinds of reactions. One way or another most vendors have had first or second hand experiences with analysts. Either they’ve seen competitors promoting the latest research publication which featured them in a favorable way or they have Read more about Engaging in Analyst Relations is sending a message: Five common traits confident vendors are displaying[…]

Adapt or Fail! – Analyst firm business models are changing – does this mean that analyst relations needs to change as well?

In recent years we have seen quite a few changes in the analyst landscape: We’ve seen new boutique analyst firms entering the market and focussing on sub-segments or geographies (HfS Research, Crisp Research, Greyhound Research etc). We’ve seen M&A activities indicating a trend towards bigger firms and more comprehensive research coverage (CXP/BARC/PAC, ISG/Alsbridge/Experton, Informa/Ovum). And Read more about Adapt or Fail! – Analyst firm business models are changing – does this mean that analyst relations needs to change as well?[…]

Your pitch to analysts isn’t just about your solution

In pitches to analysts, there are many conversations going on. At one level, there’s a communication about the business solution. There’s also a conversation about the wider market and about the personal credibility of the participants. Sometimes the slides used in pitches are just excuses for the interaction. The slides are used to assess both the market vision of the firm and the adaptability if the executives to adjust to the market and conversation. The solution pitch is used to assess the ability of executives to adapt.


Kea Company acquires UK analyst relations consultancy Active Influence

Merger consolidates Kea Company’s position as world’s largest analyst relations consultancy

January 19, 2017. London — Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations consultancy, today completed its acquisition of Active Influence. Founded in 2010, Active Influence has helped many of the world’s largest technology companies to gain measurable business benefit from their relationships with analyst firms. Founder Richard East has become a partner in Kea Company, which obtained substantially all of Active Influence’s intellectual property and assets at the end of 2016.

Thought Leaders

Thought leaders are characterised by thinking differently about important issues. Martin Luther King was a thought leader – his vision of a society where whites and blacks could live together changed the rules of thinking and behaviour in American society. The British nurse Florence Nightingale was a thought leader. She changed the 19th-century philosophy in health care, amongst others through the promotion of the importance of hygiene. Steve Jobs is hailed as a thought leader. He changed the way we look at the use of computer technology. These three persons contributed to this world with their vision and indeed, were eventually seen as thought leaders. But what is thought leadership in an organisational context? Why should organisations want to promote thought leadership? And how do you build this? How many thought leaders do you know personally? […]

There’s no Such Thing as a Free Lunch

The economic theory, and also the lay opinion, that whatever goods and services are provided, they must be paid for by someone – i.e. you don’t get something for nothing. The phrase is also known by the acronym of ‘There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch’ – tanstaafl.

What is wrong with this world? Why do people talk nonsense fifty percent of the day? I am clearly fed up with this. I exactly took thirty minutes out of my busy schedule to tell this to you. […]