Valuable analyst and advisory firms like Gartner Inc and Forrester Research influence half of the world’s spending on information and communications technology. As a result, tens of thousands of analyst relations professionals are engaged in influencer marketing campaigns focussed on shifting those researchers and consultants impact on high-growth markets.


The beauty of this book is that while helping the reader understand how to work with analysts, it also is critical to understanding why you must work with analysts. Duncan and Sven are expert practitioners and know what it takes to do AR for all types and sizes of companies.  Whatever your style, read the book and use it to map out your company’s AR strategy – which includes making sure the “suits and the skirts” understand why AR is at least as important as IR and PR.

Duncan Chapple

The preeminent consultant on the optimization of international analyst relations and the value created by analyst firms.

Sven Litke

Highly experienced business executive and thought leader with a special focus on marketing, sales and go-to-market strategy for the IT and telecommunications industry.