The research industry is no different than any other when it comes to a rapidly changing environment. To stay ahead of your competition you need to respond towards the ever-changing needs of your customers, which is only possible if you operate with a balanced business model.

Who are we?

Having worked at research and consultancy firms like Gartner, Forrester and Ovum, and with a client base ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up companies, Kea Company is your very experienced partner. Through the acquisition of local and leading Analyst Relations firms such as Daruma Concept, Lighthouse Analyst Relations and SageCircle, we’ve become a worldwide operating Analyst Relations firm. We are proud to count some of the founders and key-figures of Analyst Relations amongst our ranks. Honesty, integrity and a vast amount of experience in your core business are key traits of the Kea Company personnel.

What do we offer?

Research firms, like any other company, constantly need to optimise internal operations. Whenever you are looking to enter a new market, enable your sales department or need support in making strategic management decisions, the Kea Company professionals have the experience and knowledge required for results.

Kea Company services have a strong focus on the commercial capabilities of research firms:

  • Associate Analysts:  Putsourcing part of your research process to Kea Company offers access to highly knowledgeable professionals with long experience in academic and industry research.
  • Advisory:  We provide research firms with an independent sounding board. Senior executives rely on us to challenge assumptions and strategies. We typically engage research firm strategists with revising existing business models or creating new ones to reach the firm’s full potential.
  • Go-to-Market: Different geographic markets require different approaches. We help you with creation of a Go-to-Market strategy and with it’s execution. Local knowlegde and a hands-on approach are ingredients of our success in boosting research firms Go-to-Market efforts.
  • Sales Enablement:  Sales productivity is a key factor in fueling or restricting growth. Research firms struggle with the changing ways in which companies consume research. We support you to create effective sales management, transformation of the sales force to adapt to new market circumstances, and equip sales to operate in changed business models.
  • Operational Improvement: New and existing business models have to be agile. Aligning operations and improving performance while keeping the shop running proves to be challenging. Kea Company is the fresh pair of eyes you need to effectively and efficiently turn any improvement intervention into results.
  • Networking: In a highly social and networked world, to know and be known are key factors for success. We know the market and the players and provide you with insight and access to our highly networked professionals.

Why choose Kea Company?

Our highly experienced professionals worked at research firms, as in-house Analyst Relations managers and management consultants for leading companies. With this knowledge, Kea Company understands how to position research towards your target audience.

We have a direct line with over 90% of the in-house Analyst Relations professionals worldwide, whom we offer strategic guidance and advise. In a sense, we operate the same as a research firm does between technology vendors and end-users. Where end-users use research firms as an independent resource to make critical decisions, technology vendors (and in particular Analyst Relations professionals working for technology vendors) use Kea Company in the same way. When research firms work with Kea Company, we are able to provide better advise to technology vendors on their research buying decisions.

  • Active network of over 90% of the global in-house Analyst Relations professionals
  • Know-how of the way of working of leading research and consultancy firms
  • Global presence, local knowledge

Thank you for your interest in our services. We are always looking for meaningful interactions. We appreciate you providing us with the information needed to make that happen.

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