Frost & Sullivan beats 451 in IoT Analyst Firm Awards

Depending on your region of the world, you’ll be astonished (Americas, Europe) or not (Asia, Pacific) by Frost and Sullivan’s strong performance in the Internet of Things Analyst Firm Awards for 2017. We’ve crunched the Analyst Value Survey data, focussing only on users of IoT research, to see which firms are delivering the most value to IoT professionals.

The top seven firms are the same as in our global results. Collectively, the top ten firms produce two-thirds of all analyst value for IoT professionals, with Gartner and Forrester producing one-third by themselves.

  1. Gartner is most valued for its advisory calls by IoT professionals, and leads in every category.
  2. Forrester Research’s data and research is its strong point.
  3. IDC is strongest for research and for reprint rights.
  4. HfS Research is very highly rated for research and events.
  5. Pierre Audoin Consultants, part of the CXP Group, is well rated for research and for peer communities.
  6. Ovum does well for research and reprint rights.
  7. Everest Group is strongest on research and peer services.
  8. Frost & Sullivan is a surprise entry at number eight, buoyed by its events and reprint rights but held back by limited value for business leads.
  9. 451 Group was close behind, bolstered by a strong inquiry call service but hampered by weak peer communities.
  10. KPMG has the weakest research in out top ten but was more highly rated for business leads and purchasing recommendations.

ISG came close to KPMG’s value, and NelsonHall and Deloitte are the other firms to watch for next year. To find out more register for our Internet of Things awards webinar on March 30. For a discount code, subscribe to our newsletter or join the Analyst Relations Value Forum on LinkedIn.

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