a16z & Huawei lead 2017’s most-shared analyst relations content

It’s been quite a year. We’ve looked for the ten items of analyst relations content most shared on LinkedIn during 2017. Why LinkedIn? We saw that facebook and twitter were more likely to have a small number of people resharing the same content over and over.

  1. a16z Podcast: What Startups Should Know about Analyst Relations was, by far, the most shared with 502 shares. This article introduces the firm’s podcast guide to analyst relations for start-ups from a16z is the well-deserved top item. A16z is one of the most-respected investors in tech firms, and their insight was both powerful and accessible. It introduces analysts, explains their value and runs through some of the risks and rewards of working with them.
  2. How Huawei’s analyst relations overtook Cisco’s, with 462 shares, was a close second. Duncan Chapple’s detailed and controversial analysis of the Analyst Attitude Survey uses Huawei as an example of a new top-tier in analyst relations, and points out that Huwaei, Amazon, NetApp, Nokia, HERE and others are getting better feedback from many analysts than traditional AR tactics from long-time leaders IBM and Cisco.
  3. BearingPoint invests in analyst relations with senior hire from Gartner was shared 436 times. On the surface, it looks like just another corporate press release about a senior hire. BearingPoint’s news caught a lot of attention because of the way the firm is integrating thought leadership, content development and analyst relations. Analyst relations teams are catching on to not only positioning their executives as thought leaders, but also promoting sympathetic analysts too.
  4. Why Every Startups’ Budget Should Include Analyst Relations, with 340 shares, notably was also aimed at introducing AR to start-ups. Analysts, perhaps most notably 451 Research, Gartner and IDC, have always had an impact in early stage. However, it’s encouraging to see start-up starting to understand how they can connect with analysts earlier.
  5. Fortune’s article on Spotlight Analyst Relations got 309 shares, and a similar number of shares on facebook, after being citied as a great workplace. Spotlight is the largest pure-play analyst relations agency in the USA. The article outlines how the firm got its reputation as one of the best small workplaces to work for in the USA.
  6. Stunningly, the a16z podcast got into the top 10 twice: this time with 189 shares for the soundcloud recording alone: a16z Podcast: What Startups Should Know about Analyst Relations.
  7. Analyst RelationsBest Practices (AR is not PR), by IDC’s Rahul Dhingra, was shared 148 times. He lists four best practices for analyst relations and emphasises that “you don’t actually have to buy the research and consulting services offered by the industry analyst firms in order to brief them and influence the market through them”
  8. The State of Analyst Relations – An Interview with Jason LoGuidice is a well-considered review of AR issues, and was also one of the most shared items on twitter and facebook. It was reposted 132 times on LinkedIn.
  9. The IIAR got its first namecheck in Free seats available for the Analyst Relations Value Forum, which reported on the complimentary tickets made available for IIAR members attending the annual Forum at King’s College London. The news was shared 95 times.
  10. The second IIAR-related post was one of the widely-read job postings that appeared on analystrelations.org. Najmeh Hafezeih’s article about the Analyst Relations Manager, Nerdery, Minnesota, US was shared 89 times.
Duncan Chapple

Duncan Chapple is the preeminent consultant on optimising international analyst relations and the value created by analyst firms. As the head of CCgroup's analyst relations team, Chapple directs programs that increase the value of relationships with industry analysts and sourcing advisors.