Analyst Relations is much more than just an extension to Public Relations. In order to maintain or improve their position in the company, Analyst Relations professionals have to measure and benchmark their efforts to provide the management team with solid metrics on how Analyst Relations drives sales and can help influence business decisions.

Who are we?

Extensive experience at research and consultancy firms like Gartner, Ovum and Deloitte, and with a client base ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up companies, makes Kea Company the premier source for Analyst Relations guidance. Through the acquisition of local and leading Analyst Relations firms such as Daruma Concept, Lighthouse Analyst Relations and SageCircle, we’ve become a worldwide operating Analyst Relations firm. We are proud to count some of the founders and key-figures of Analyst Relations amongst our ranks. Honesty, integrity and a vast amount of experience in your core business are key traits of the Kea Company personnel. 

What do we offer?

As an Analyst Relations professional, you constantly need to refine your strategies and keep moving up in the analysts ecosystem. Kea Company enables you to support the business expanding in growth areas and win more sales recommendations, making Analyst Relations more credible.

  • Measurement:  A solid measurement programme is essential to gain executive sponsorship and support, because it commits the Analyst Relations programme to delivering specific, quantifiable business results.
  • Training and Coaching:  Professionals with strong ongoing Analyst Relations programmes face the challenges of strengthening internal communication, exploiting your firm’s strengths and supporting sales. Kea Company offers training sessions and coaching engagements to ensure that programmes take advantage of every tactic in the book – and can respond swiftly to challenges and crisis situations.
  • Contract negotiation: One of the greatest opportunities for maximising the results from your Analyst Relations programme, is negotiating the right contract with the right research firm, at the right time. The Kea Company professionals help you to avoid costly mistakes and reap the best results from your investment.
  • Analyst Value Survey: The Analyst Value Survey is the only public survey into how people value different analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, but also boutique firms. The survey has been held since 2000 and the results are being read by an ever increasing audience.

More information on our Analyst Relations Services can be found in the services section.

Why choose Kea Company:

Our highly experienced professionals worked at research firms, as in-house Analyst Relations managers and management consultants for leading companies and have a thorough understanding of analyst value chains. With this knowledge, Kea Company understands how important it is for Analyst Relations professionals to constantly improve their role within the company. Through an active network of Analyst Relations professionals, research firms and technology vendors, we are able to provide Analyst Relations professionals with the guidance they need in maximising the benefits from their research contracts and accelerate time to value.

  • Accelerating time to value
  • Know-how of the way of working of leading research firms, technology vendor and consultancy firms
  • Global presence, local knowledge

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