AR Case Studies

We have created several Case Studies to showcase the value that has been delivered by our professionals through our Analyst Relations services: 

” We needed someone to guide us. It’s not only about having the relationship with the analysts, to have their ear. Kea has the experience of knowing what they want to hear, how they expect to receive the information, how to make an impression on the analysts. That has worked very well for us.”          


Philipp Strube, Founder and CEO cloudControl 

Read an in-depth case study on how cloudControl has leveraged Kea Company’s services.

Analyst Relations:
Developed European Analyst Relations programme for McAfee (English, PDF)

Analyst Relations:
Identified the most influential industry analysts for Cable & Wireless (English, PDF)

Analyst Relations:
Developed European Analyst Relations programme for Unisys (English, PDF)

Analyst Relations:
Delivered advanced training for Analyst Relations team of ‘global powerhouse’ (English, PDF)

Thank you for your interest in our services. We are always looking for meaningful interactions. We appreciate you providing us with the information needed to make that happen.

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