The Kea Company Influencer Quadrant – and how it helps to maximize your companies’ influence on the market. It can be challenging to convince your client that you are better than your competitors especially, if your competitor has a stronger market profile than you currently have.

Knowing which analyst firms are currently on top of their game is key to staying at the forefront of analysts’ sales Influence Quadrant Grey 500x500recommendations. This is the reason why Kea Company offers the Influencer Quadrant, a service that identifies which companies’ profiles are on the rise, and which are on the decline, in the world of industry analyst research. With the Influencer Quadrant, we have created an easy-to-use tool for anyone involved in analyst relations wanting to get ahead and develop successful influencer marketing programmes. In this industry, vendors’ share of voice in analyst research is strongly correlated with personal recommendations and mentions in research – both of which help generate business leads.

An Influencer Quadrant places firms from a particular industry into one of four segments: Spring (low profile, rising); Summer (High profile, rising); Autumn (High profile, falling) and Winter (Low profile, falling). By doing so the Influencer Quadrant clearly identifies those firms that are doing well, those with potential and those in decline against one another.

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