Since the end of 2011 I’ve shared some of my work with the academic community at They include advisory notes on analyst relations, analysis papers on wider technology trends, which have been typically commissioned by clients, and notes on the books I have co-authored.

Title Type
How strongly do industry analysts influence buyers of high technology? Advisory
10 lessons Analyst Relations needs to learn Advisory
Measuring the effectiveness of analyst relations outreach Advisory
A guide to better relationships with industry analysts Advisory
How to maximize value for money from analyst contracts Advisory
Forrester and the future of the analyst research model Advisory
Industry analysts are all in the US, aren’t they? Advisory
Why Do Analyst Relations In Every Region Where You Want to Sell? Advisory
Measuring SageCircle’s impact on analyst relations Advisory
Analyst relations programs: Influencing the influencers Advisory
Analysts face a shakeout Advisory
The risks and rewards of programmatic media buying Analysis
Using LinkedIn for research and product development Analysis
Evolve or die. UK SMEs, dot.commerce and the future for business communications Analysis
Marketing cloud rivalries grow as Oracle buys Eloqua Analysis
European SME Business Risks Analysis
Geschäftliche Risiken für europäische KMUs Analysis
room33’s view of the mobile Internet 2001-2005 Analysis
E-CRM: Personalisation Technologies for the Web Book
Industry Analyst Relations – An Extension to PR Book