New Lighthouse Indexes launch for Outsourcing and Consulting

This month we divide our Lighthouse Services Index into two more focussed studies. First comes the Lighthouse Outsourcing Index and next month we’ll launch the Consulting & Systems Integration Index. To enable us to carry out the research for these new indexes some major steps have been taken this month.

1. Addition of more firms
A number of firms have been added so that the Outsourcing and Consulting & Systems Integration Indexes provide a more complete picture of their relevant services market landscape. None of the new firms are major, Top 25, IT services firms. However, each of these has shown a strong performance in a niche that shows it to be worthly of closer inspection. The firms added are: KPMG;McKinsey; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Steria; Ernst & Young; Intelligroup; Bain; Booz; PA Consulting and Softtek.

We have included all of these additional names in the Services Index which will continue to be published for Lighthouse clients monthly.

2. Improved measurement for ranking
The criteria for measuring the analyst focus on firms has been modified with the intention to make the criteria more effective is separating outsourcing from other services. The aim is to ensure that firms tracked in the Services Indexes are ranked to reflect analyst focus on different areas more accurately.

The top 25 firms for this month are listed below. The most prominent change to be seen is the improvement in the rankings of IBM, HP, BT and TCS. The change to the ranking of these firms has resulted from a different set of search terms being used to retrieve relevant research about the firm and its services.

Since this is the first month with the new method, we will publish neither the Overall Services nor the Outsourcing Services Index chart this month and because those charts used to represent changes to rankings over time, and thus need a second data series (which they will have next month).

We will of course publish the Outsourcing and SI/Consulting Indexes’ charts from next month onwards. You will see the Outsourcing Index published to Analyst Equity next week.

Services Index top 25

We welcome your feedback and any questions on the development of our Services Indexes.

Martin Tilling

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