PAC – expanding repertoire, expanding client base – coming of age?

Now 30 years since its foundation, Pierre Audoin Consultants has come a very long way forward and reached around the globe with their proposition of local and global research and consulting on a wide range of IS markets.

If you were to use a cagr calculator with the statistics you see in the news these days, it’d tell you that PAC has had a very strong track record of growth in recent years (c. 15% CAGR) and demonstrates great confidence. PAC now appears determined to take the organisation to the next level and are striving for awareness and penetration across boardrooms (not just IT and marketing departments) of both IS vendors and end-user organisations.

To do this PAC need to serve end-users. PAC tells us that it is working for some of the largest national organisations in their “home” countries (i.e. France and Germany) as well as one or two companies in other regions. This is a very positive move. We wait to see how more PAC will move in this direction.

We believe that user work will take PAC deeper into vendor-comparison work, rating research and potentially vendor selection work. Furthermore, we believe that it is also exactly those things which will further help to raise the profile of PAC in the boardroom. This is an area which PAC has staunchly stayed away from in the past, so we wait to see its moves in this space.

Then PAC could finally come of age and take its strived for place at the top table. It has the necessary elements to become a first-tier analyst firm (although scale remains a key factor). European and global firms have been waiting a long time for an analyst firm with truly very strong local roots and global reach….. properties that seem to becoming PAC’s forte.

Martin Tilling