Remembering Michael Selwyn

Michael Selwyn, one of Europe’s best-loved and most respected analyst relations consultants passed away on Friday morning. Michael had developed analyst relations for clients of many of the best-known agencies in Britain, and has been a warm friend and wise counsel for many of us in the analyst relations community over the last decade.

 His colleague Sarah Tourville shared the sad news with us:

He had spent the last couple of months in hospital undergoing treatment and we were hopeful that he was going to get better. Unfortunately the fight was too much and he passed away in the early hours of Friday 5th September.
As many of you know, Michael and I worked together when I was at Motorola in the Corporate Communications team and Michael was Motorola’s AR consultant at Firefly Communications. I always found Michael to be extremely hard working, diligent, honest and friendly, so much so, that we developed Voice It Consultancy together in September 2006. We became business partners. Michael’s contacts, experience and reputation helped Voice It to become successful. He was passionate about analyst relations and he fed this passion and enthusiasm into his work. He wanted Voice It to succeed against all odds and I am pleased to say he achieved this.
I will miss Michael as I am sure you will too. My thoughts go to his wife Elizabeth and daughter Solange who both live in Rennes, France.
If you would like to send a card to his family, please get in touch so I can forward their address.

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7 replies on “Remembering Michael Selwyn”
  1. says: Bob

    Sad to hear about Michael. A true professional who was also fun to be with in any setting. Condolences to his family and friends.

  2. Very sorry to hear about Michael – I had no idea he was ill, which isn’t that much of a surprise given the nature of AR relationships (we’re all accustomed to long gaps between meetings). Michael was a lovely, honest man – a true gent, and we had a number of great conversations notably about our shared musical tastes. He was an example to the profession and will be sorely missed.

    Condolences and kindest thoughts to his family.

  3. Shocked to come across in the blog that Michael Selwyn had passed away.

    He always came across as a genuine and professional person – he will be missed very much by his colleagues and friends in the industry. Please pass on our condolences to his family – from all at Juniper Research.

  4. I was shocked to hear the news. Michael was a real straight-shooter and a pleasure to work with over the years. My condolences to his family – he will be missed.

  5. says: Samad Masood

    Very sad to hear this news. Michael was a great guy – very professional and affable. My condolences go to his family.

  6. says: Mathieu Poujol

    Very sad news, we will miss him for interacting with some of the big names in the industry. All my condolences to his family

  7. says: Beth Barling

    Sad sad news. Michael was a great guy – warm, honest, and incredibly professional – and I am happy to have known him.

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