The ‘Three Rs’ of Influencer Management: PR, AR, and IR

I just spotted The ‘Three Rs’ of Influencer Management: PR, AR, and IR, which summarizes the relationship between the key formers of influencer relations.

It’s especially useful for a very comprehensive list of resources, and for some outlines of Lighthouse and similar firms.

There are a few points that I would phrase differently, especially in the section about Lighthouse, which suggests that we compete with a similar firm, Knowledge Capital Group. Far from seeing ourselves as competitors to KCG and similar firms, we work to build cordial relations with other AR advisors. For example, we were very happy to arrange for KCG to run their course in our offices in London, and were also delighted to host KCG’s founder at a dinner in London to meet some of our peers. As far as I know, Lighthouse has never ‘pitched’ for business against Knowledge Capital Group. I think that is because our different approaches attract the attention of different clients: Psychographically, there is a difference between KCG’s Pragmatism and Lighthouse’s Rationalism.

Sadly, ARInsights doesn’t get a mention. This is one of two firms established from the wreckage of SageCircle: the other is Analyst Strategy Group. Most of the people involved in SageCircle ended up in neither firm, inclusing founder Carter Lusher, and neither firm is replicating SageCircle’s model. ARInsights is developing the ARchitect database, while ASG offers consultancy based on SageCircle’s intellectual property. Unlike KCG, which serves firms of all sizes, ARinsights and Analyst Strategy seems to be focussed on the 25 or so firms with the largest commitment to analyst relations.