Will Gartner’s Blog Network succeed?

Is it just me who has doubts? I’ve been looking at the Gartner’s Blog Network, which went live last week. It might be a little early to pass judgement on its vitality and longevity: Anthony Bradley launched them formally, on September 15th (day 2 of Gartner’s Web Innovation Summit in LA). n However, at the time of launching fourteen of the new blogs are content-free, and I don’t mean that figuratively. They are blank, and that’s perhaps not what the firm intended.

It gave me a strong reminder of earlier attempts at blogging at Gartner which, for some analysts, allowed analysts to blog – but did not give them the time, encouragement and feedback needed to allow them to maintain momentum. The empty blogs are listed below, and I’ll cross them off as they start up:

Let’s hope Gartner uses the open calender system to book in some free time to these analysts’ diaries so they have be freed up to blog!

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