Yankee Group’s future discussed in this month’s webinar

Lighthouse’s Advisor Spotlight continues this month with our annual survey of Yankee Group, on Thursday September 23. What a year it’s been! Last year, Yankee’s opportunities and issues were very clear. Yankee’s development looked positive to AR managers in 2007. Now things are not so rosy.

Yankee Group’s recent layoffs mean that firm now has 42% fewer analysts than the year before. Some clients report pressure to sponsor Yankee’s events business, and the feeling that some quid pro quo is expected. Others feel that Yankee is a full-service telecoms consultancy that’s turning itself into a niche boutique. Beyond these feelings, what is the reality of Yankee Group in today’s analyst market? Join Thursday’s webinar to find out.

As in each monthly interactive webinar, this discussion will give Lighthouse’s insight into developments of the firm being discussed that month. We’ll share our most recent into the firm’s research interests, customer base and international reach. We’ll also review the impact of this year’s changes on the firm, and the firm’s relative influence on end-users. To reserve your seat, go to http://www.etickets.to/buy/?e=1219.

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