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Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), one of Europe’s oldest analyst and consulting companies, is increasingly under the spotlight as it expands from its French and German heartlands. The IIAR interviewed PAC this week, and Lighthouse is taking a more critical look at the firm in our webinar on December 18th.

PAC’s already established as one of the leading analyst firms in France and Germany for outsourcing and IT services. Its analysts are frequently quoted on topics like open source, ERP. CRM and more technical issues like application servers, systems architecture and security. Much of its revenues come from advising global giants like SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP and EDS. Unlike most analyst firms, it has deep insight into European markets, and into the strategies of European-headquartered firms like Atos Origin, T-Systems, Freudenberg IT, BT and Sage.

Over the last few years, the firm has expanded from its key centres in Paris, Munich and Bucharest. The firm now has sizeable teams in the UK (including Jean-Christophe Bodhuin, Rajeena Brar, Axel Termeniere, Nick Mayes, Dominic Trott and Peter Foster) and in the US (with Olivier Nguyen Van Tan, Peter Russo, Jean-Christian “JC” Jung and sales VP Faye Clements). It’s now one of the dozen most quoted firm in UK articles about IT services, placing it on a par with global brands like AMR and Tower.

Amplifying its direct presence in the US and Europe, PAC has actively extended its geographical reach to enhance its global coverage. To do this, PAC has set up strategic partnerships in APAC & MEA with Springboard Research, in Mexico through Select, in Argentina through Trends Consulting and finally, by opening a representative office in Brazil. These alliances flow naturally from PAC’s longstanding partnership experiences, such as the SITSI consortium in which Holway participated and its current co-operation with IDATE.

Beyond major sourcing projects for European-based user companies like EDF, PAC taken a further step forward the past year by offering IT end-user organisations free access to the firm’s rapid inquiry service and online research. PAC’s Industry Panel allows organisations to access the firm’s research in exchange for participation in PAC’s ongoing research in its core verticals: Retail, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and the Public sector.

In this month’s webinar, we’ll discuss how far these changes are really changing the firm’s reach and influence. To book your seat, just surf to

Duncan Chapple

Duncan Chapple is the preeminent consultant on optimising international analyst relations and the value created by analyst firms. As the head of CCgroup's analyst relations team, Chapple directs programs that increase the value of relationships with industry analysts and sourcing advisors.

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