Services Index 2008 – Logica makes impressive gains in 2008

Lighthouse Services Index - 2008-2009This month Lighthouse will be presenting the index in a slightly different manner. We will compare the rankings of the firms with what they were exactly a year ago instead of where the firms stood last month. The graph on the right shows how the ranking of firms have changed over the past 1 year with Logica being the biggest gainer. The firm has done well to improve its analyst score by outlining a transformation plan and then communicating it to adequately to analysts. The firm which started the year as LogicaCMG has also been named the number one European vendor of application management (AM) services in Europe by Pierre Audoin Consultants.

Softtek has also improved its ranking this year and has moved up 15 positions. The firm has improved its score by interacting with the leading analyst houses and has benefited from its strong brand image in Latin America. Lockheed Martin, which was the biggest gainer in our March 2008 edition of the index, has also made substantial improvement in its score this year and is ranked 24th in January 2009.

This year saw analyst cool down on Verisign which lost 10 positions this year. The firm has been awarded by SC Magazine as the “Best Security Company of the Year” but has not been able to maintain its score which is 34% less than what it was exactly a year ago. The year has also seen NextiraOne drop by 9 positions while Xansa, which was acquired and re-branded as Steria, has also dropped 8 positions.

The composition of the top 25 has remained much the same with Logica and Lockheed Martin being the only two firms that have moved into this league. ACS and Verisign, ranked at 20th and 25tg positions respectively last year, are no longer present in the top 25 of this month.

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Duncan Chapple

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