Systems Index 2008 – Asus, Lenovo and Apple moved up in 2008

Lighthouse Services Index - 2008-2009The year 2008 has seen Apple move up 4 positions and starts the new year placed at the 4th spot. Analyst coverage of the firm has improved thanks to the new 3G version of its iPhone and improved MacBooks lineup. Lenovo which received a boost due to its launch of its IdeaPad netbook series and the new server lineup has also moved up 6 positions in 2008.

Asus has also moved up 9 positions to the 22nd spot in January 2009. The primary driver behind the firm’s successful upward movement appears to be the coverage it has received for the Eee PC lineup. Seagate which has been consistently coming up with new models for its hard drives throughout 2008 has also moved up 3 positions and is now ranked 25th.

Symbol which was acquired by Motorola back in 2006 has shown the biggest decline consistent with the erosion of its brand name which is now typically mentioned by analysts in historical context. NCR has also dropped by 7 positions and starts the new year at the 31st spot. The firm has bagged a number of contracts for setting up self service kiosks but apparantly some of the analyst coverage has been reduced due to the spin off of Teradata in late 2007.

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Duncan Chapple