A map of the Analyst Relations World

Blog readers rarely get an idea of the ‘life’ of a blog: who reads it, and what they think of it. Few people comment on the blog: many more of you email in their comments, but even that reflects a subset of the people who read the blog.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been tracking where you all are: the data are shown on the dot below. Of course, lots of you are in more or less the same place, so take it from me that lots of these dots have dots underneath them too.

It’s an interesting picture: my most avid reader seems to be in Paris, followed by especially regular visitors in northern Europe, the north-east US and Austin, Texas. However, the interesting pattern is southern Asia. There is a very large cluster of readers there, especially in India.

Looking at the visitors from India, it’s interesting that many of them come into the site while conducting Google or MSN searches into analyst firms like Hydrasight, Meton/Experton, RHK, Rocsearch, XMG and Ovum. I’d love to hear suggestions as to why that might be the case: are these visitors classic mavens, trying to establish the credientials of these ‘second tier’ suppliers; or are they research suppliers themselves, trying to find which of these firms are best placed start buying their outsourced research?

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