Lighthouse Telecoms Index – Embarq biggest gainer in 2008

Lighthouse Telecoms Index - 2008-2009The biggest improvement in rank in 2008 has been made by Embarq which improved its ranking from 56 to 41. One major reason for this upward movement is its announcement to merge with CenturyTel and it would be interesting to see how Embarq ranks a year from now when the hype of the merger settles down.

The Vanco brand, which was acquired by Reliance Globalcom in May 2008, has also moved up 9 positions in 2008 and starts the new year at the 46th spot.

At the top of the table British Telecom(BT) has moved up and is now ranked 5th. Analyst focus on Unified Communications and its business transformation strategy has helped BT improve its score.

Cingular and SBC, both of which are now part of AT&T, have shown the biggest loss and are down 31 and 13 positions respectively. It is safe to assume that these brands will continue to head south as the score for these names is largely dependant on analyst mentions about the history of AT&T. Siemens Communications has also dropped 11 positions and its is now ranked 42.

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Duncan Chapple