Indian outsourcing providers improve their rankings in 2008

Lighthouse Outsourcing Index - 2008-2009Our Outsourcing Index was launched in July 2008 and this month we will be tracking the changes that have occurred in the rankings of the firms since then. The star performers in this half year appear to be the Indian outsourcing giants. Infosys which was recognized at the Six Sigma Global Summit and the Asia Business Continuity Awards has moved up 5 positions and is now ranked 5th.

The biggest gainer has been HCL which has improved its ranking by interacting with analysts at its Global Meet. The firm was the biggest gainer in August as well when it announced its acquisition of Liberata. Satyam has also improved its ranking in the 6 months since the Index was launched and has gone up 5 positions. The firm is a hot topic due to the massive financial scandal uncovered in early January and its sad how quickly a firm which was reputed for its “intrapreneurship” initiative is in all sorts of trouble to save its existence in its present form.

The biggest drop in the past 6 months has been in the ranking of BT Global Services. The firm was the biggest loser in November edition of the Outsourcing Index and has not bounced back to reclaim the number 3 spot it held in September 2008. T-Systems has also dropped down 4 positions since July and is now ranked 17th.

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Duncan Chapple