Can Burton continue to grow in the end-user market?

Each year February Lighthouse’s Advisor Spotlight webinar discusses Burton Group. A few years ago Burton started to to be seen as one of the analyst firms to watch, winning it a top place in our 2006 survey, especially in terms of end-user influence. It has been one of the five fastest growing firms.

When Gartner and Forrester shifted towards role-based research and away from custom consulting, Burton benefited. They started to reach up from the technology function and into the boardroom slowly. Over the last year, the firm has continued its push into end-user services. Its combination of events, research and advisory services – together with value-based pricing – has allowed it to grow substantially.

However, the recession has certainly affected the firm. Last month iSuppli, Burton Group, Aberdeen, Yankee all made layoffs. How will changes in research purchasing affect the firm’s future?

As in each monthly interactive webinar, Duncan Chapple offer Lighthouse’s most recent insights into the firm’s research interests, customer base and international reach. We’ll also review the impact of this year’s changes on the firm, and the firm’s relative influence on end-users.

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