Customized research continues to grow

A number of the analysts I have been speaking to recently have been extremely busy (as have my colleagues and I, hence the dip in this blog’s frequency). There’s one story I hear over and over again: customized research is going through the roof.

This makes me, and them, very curious: there a ‘real reason’ why Gartner exited this business, or it is just that GCR has failed to develop the strong sales channel it had through Gartner, and these other firms are just eating GCR’s lunch?

It’s especially interesting to see that it’s the ex-META fragments that have been most agressive in expanding into similar service as those that Gartner aimed its niche services, such as in the Investment Advisory area and in Custom Research. As one of these analysts commented to me: “Must be the same water we’ve been drinking in Stamford” (the headquarter city of both META and Gartner).

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