Satyam biggest gainer in the Lighthouse Systems Integration(SI) and Consulting Index

Lighthouse Systems Integration Consulting Index - February 2009The biggest gainer in this bi-monthly edition of the Lighthouse SI and Consulting Index is Satyam. The buzz associated with the Satyam saga has resulted in the firm earning a mention in every Lighthouse Services related index for the past two months. Hopefully the subsiding media hype will help it to lose some of this negative analyst focus in the near future.

CSC which has been focused by analysts for enhancement of its service delivery model has also moved up 1 position and is now ranked 7th.

Cognizant which has been featured as one of the 25 fastest growing tech firms in US has ended up as the biggest loser in this edition of the SI and Consulting Index. The firm has dropped down 3 positions and is ranked 15th this month. Intelligroup has also dropped down 2 positions and is ranked 28th this month.

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Duncan Chapple