Is $20,000 an hour too much for an analyst?

You’ve got two high-powered speaking slots to fill at your company’s major event. Why not help the profile of the AR team by getting the gaps in the roster from the analyst community? Even better, why now cut down the travel costs by using the same top analyst to do both 45 minute talks? But when the $30,000 order form comes up for a signature, who isn’t going to hesitate?

Top analyst firms have seen that demand for analysts speakers is inelastic. As a result, they can ignore the fact that it’s a marketing opportunity for them; instead they can charge for the full day (even if they speak for a few minutes, with no preparation) and bill you for the traveling time.  Costs can get as high as $18,000 a day (plus the cost of transoceanic flights).

Of course, if you have to buy a full day then make the most of it – plan out every minute of the day so the analyst is with colleagues, customers and partners from dusk till dawn.

However, do think about the alternatives. Many excellent analysts will speak for less – or even for free – to the right audience. And remember that your attendees may not be as sensitive to analyst firms’ brand names as your colleagues.

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