Verizon moves up in the Lighthouse Telecoms Index

Lighthouse Telecoms Index - May 2009The highest profile gainer this month is Verizon which moved up 2 positions to the 4th spot. Analyst focus on the Verizon selling off most of its business in the rural areas to Frontier Communications has helped it make this move up in the index this month. T-Mobile is also one of the most prominent gainers this month. Its announcement of a new embedded SIM for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions has helped it move up 6 positions this month and it is now ranked 13th.

France Telecom is the only new entrant to the top 25 this month. The firm has declared stable financial performance despite the economic slowdown and has moved up 3 positions to the 24th spot this month. The biggest gainer this month is Brasil Telecom which has jumped up 10 spots and is now ranked 49th.

Ciena which had ranked much better last month has dropped down 7 positions and is ranked 46th this month. Nortel, selected as the key solutions and communication services supplier for this year’s Summit of the Americas, has failed to sustain its rankings and is down 4 positions this month. Brocade which has been ranked as “Best Place to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area” is also down 3 positions and is the only firm to drop out of the top 25 this month.

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Duncan Chapple